Movie of the Week

A screenplay for a one-act very short film – for a child’s film project

Scene: Two persons sit across a folding card table from one another. Person A pantomimes dealing out a hand of cards. Person B picks up their cards one by one as they are dealt. Person A picks up their entire hand when finished. Both persons pretend to arrange the cards in their hands, sorting them by some invisible pattern. Finally they are both settled.

Person A: Do you have any two’s?

Person B: No. Go Fish.

Person A fishes (draws an invisible card from the invisible deck left on the table)

Person B: Do you have and three’s?

Person A: No. Go Fish.

The round continues in the same fashion, sequentially upwards through the deck. After Kings and Queens the process begins again with Person B now querying the even numbers, beginning with two’s. Neither person ever admits to having any of the cards. Neither show any emotion, playing out the scene calmly. As the whole process begins from the original beginning, then scene slowly fades to black as the audio also fades.



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