Recommended: Wattpad readings

Update time! It's summer so I've been outdoors where I can barely see my phone screen, so my Wattpad reading has lagged a bit while I indulge in physical books (Roberto Bolaño, Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, Richard Brautigan) but there are a few things here I've been keenly reading and am happy to recommend:

@MelissaJaneFerguson - The Neanderthal Girl is a very creative and excellent speculative fiction about the social difficulties future clones of Neanderthals might very well encounter. I love this story and want to binge-watch the series on TV. 

@PJWhittlesea continues to update his outback adventure "Loreless" while skipping around the globe. His main guy, Billy, is off the rails and on his way to who knows where. 

@ShalonSims continues her epic adventure The Dreaming in multiple volumes I like to think of as concurrent. You want to read them all at the same time as they skip back and forth across generations in a saga of multiple lifetimes.

@JuliaProud - if you haven't read any of her sci-fi stories and you like sci-fi, what are you waiting for? she's just great.

@LaraBlunte keeps adding to her travel tales "The Lazy Traveler" and I can never get enough. She's been seemingly everywhere and her stories are not your typical tourist attractions but much more what it's  really like to be in places like Uganda and Siberia. I am living vicariously off her words and loving it.

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