How to Be Rated

I recently wrote a couple of stories based on a dream I had, in which my younger brother had invented a system of perpetually rating everyone and everything in the world. The stories were a couple of variations on the theme, and it was my intention to write either more stories or a longer novella based on the idea. Instead, I have gone ahead and programmed the novel.

I have built the System.

I will soon unleash it on the unsuspecting world, where I strongly suspect it will languish in the same obscurity as its author. Correction, it will THRIVE in the same obscurity!

The app is called “Be Rated” and it will allow anyone, anywhere, at any time, to rate anyone or anything in the world. In the dream (and stories) the system rated from zero to one hundred, but in the app, mirroring the real world, the System uses the familiar 5 star ratings, complete with little gold stars to choose from.

The System will overcome some of the biggest peeves I personally have:

  1. You can rate the same things over and over again. The System will display historical data along with the averages (both personal and universal). In the real world now, you can only rate something once, but what it if you liked it one day and hated it the next? There is no room for that in the current universe. The System solves this problem.
  2. You can find all the ratings for all the things in one place – The System. No longer do you have to go to Amazon or Yelp or Google or Goodreads or ITunes or SoundCloud etc to find ratings of various things. All things are rated all the time in the same one place.
  3. It’s so easy, anyone can do it, and best of all, there is no required Sign In, no Accounts, no Passwords, no Personal Data of any kind (required, that is. You will be able to sign in with third party accounts if you want to be able to view your own personal rating history).
  4. It should drive the whole world even more fucking crazy than it already is, because for the first time, People will be rated as well as Products, Businesses, and Places. That’s right. And not only People (meaning You – You will be rated!) but anything at all. Concepts can be rated. That’s right. You can give “Free Will” two stars if you want because really, is Free Will all it’s cracked up to be? Personally, I’ve been somewhat disappointed.
  5. If you think people are obsessing over their smart phones now, just wait until they are addicted to checking the ratings of their own personhood.
  6. There used to be no God but God, but soon there will be two: God, and the System
  7. Your welcome very much

(The stories are here: The System, Out of My System)


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