BeRated is not Peeple

For one thing, we haven’t raised millions of dollars! Peeple is a new service where people rate other people. BeRated is superficially similar, although on BeRated you can rate anything whatsoever, including people. Differences include:

On BeRated, everyone is anonymous

On BeRated, there are no comments allowed, simply ratings

On BeRated, you are not the product. Your data is not collected, stored or sold. BeRated does not know who you are and does not care

Already there are concerns about bullying, especially on Peeple, where identities are confirmed, and comments are allowed. BeRated is 100% total bullshit (it may even say so on the front page) so there’s no need to feel bullied. People who give other people low ratings are assholes. Simple as that.

but it’s like I always say, nowadays you can still be ahead of your time, but only by a matter of minutes


2 thoughts on “BeRated is not Peeple

  1. News of the trouble with Peeple did have me thinking of BeRated. The similarity is as you say superficial, but I can’t help smiling at the coincidence. I give Peeple a one star rating on BeRated, even if there are rumours it doesn’t exist, which of course doesn’t matter with the BeRated system.

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    • Truly there is nothing new under the sun! Apparently there was something called Lulu a while ago where women could rate their ex-boyfriends, and there was another site called Humanly (I think) where people could anonymously rate other people. Of course we are all doing such things all the time (in our heads) and it’s only a matter of time before our every thought is captured by a wearable and indexed in the cloud. Soylent Green may be People, but The System will turn out to be the Collective Unconscious made manifest on mobile.

      When we think of all the wonders we will miss in the future (due to mortality) it’s also wise to think of all the crap we’ll be missing too!


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