3 thoughts on “Parlez-vous?

  1. I am a French speaker. But I mostly read in English. Looks like a good translation (hopefully no more bugs than in the English originals I have read, but I did not read it yet for Outlier-1 :-). Only read the 4 Gueule-de-loup stories, which I liked. Not on recommendation, It sort of stood there, asking to be read. I have been wondering why you do not ask readers to do some proofreading for you, though only you can choose missing words. I did a very tiny bit, but not knowing whether you are interested … BTW, what became of “In Constant Contact”. Is its disappearance to be the topic of a story? Well, thanks for all.


    • First of all, thanks for reading and especially for commenting here! I don’t hear from readers very often – I have a suspicion that there must be some out there, since I can see that books are downloaded, but I’ve been getting more feedback the past year on Wattpad than in the previous 8 years or so that I’ve been self-publishing. During most of that time I’ve been writing like crazy and just throwing the stuff out there figuring that, like the noir saying “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” that “I’ll proofread” at that time. Every now and then I’ve gone back and done some, especially when someone writes a review complaining about too many typos. I just did that with ‘Time Zone’ earlier this year. ‘In Constant Contact’ is another I’ve been intending to not only proofread but revise in a big way. I just haven’t gotten to it yet but in the meantime I pulled it from everywhere except feedbooks.com (http://www.feedbooks.com/userbook/22256/in-constant-contact). The French translation was just a little vanity project. I don’t know anything about Editions du Net, really. I did it mainly to be able to give it away for free on Smashwords, iBookstore etc … I already had a Spanish and a Portuguese and a Farsi translation of some other titles and it just made me happy to have it, whether it ever gets found or read much.

      I’m always interested in readers’ comments, thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, etc … and I’m always glad to fix up typos and missing words and re-publish when I get to it. It’s one of the things I like about self-publishing. If you had notes you wanted to send you could always email (lichtenberg.tom@gmail.com) or comment here.

      I had to look up “Guele-de-loup” just now – I like the sound of it!


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