And Now For Something Completely Familiar

It’s all so familiar, with parallels to Nixon over Humphrey (racist mean-spirited liar defeats boring politician picked by establishment insiders over the popular, youth-inspiring McCarthy) and parallels to Reagan (absolute idiot rules the world? really?) and Bush (popular vote winner? meh, counting is over-rated) and there’s the fact that we have no mandatory voting but we do have the dumb electoral college so that the biggest losers in our society sometimes get to be the ultimate deciders and gloat for a week or two until they re-discover for the umpteenth time that they ain’t gonna be getting shit out of this except driver-less trucks cheating them out of even more of their low-paying menial jobs.
We’ll see if Trump becomes a prisoner and mere puppet of the Washington Republicans (as I suspect he will) and at this point my only hope is that he’s more Reagan than Nixon or Bush, which is to say, yeah they’ll fuck over the poor and the planet and make their rich friends richer, but at least, please, no horrifying wars. Invade a Grenada if you must (can I recommend Mallorca or perhaps the Canary Islands?) but for chrissakes don’t go murdering and displacing millions again. I’ll be satisfied with that and the least amount of civil rights rollback we can get from these turdbuckets.
Apologies if i didn’t display enough ’empathy’ for the fools who fucked us all over

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