Day and Night in the Land of the Living and the Land of the Not

Much is being made of the urban versus rural divide and how it determines elections and the ebb and flow of social progress but not enough is made of the vital fact that in the end, “they”, the rural ones, are living in “our” world, the world we made, whether they like it or not. They will always be living in our world, but living in it like the envious ones left out in the cold looking in, the ones left behind, the ones in the dark. Their world is the night, with all of its feelings and fears, its night terrors of darkness and crime, the land of nightmares, the land of creepy clowns and weighted words, magical incantations as if clicking their heels three times and saying ‘radical islamic terrorism’ is going to solve all their problems. They are living in our world, in our facebook and our google, nervous like task rabbits, they think they can pull it down, take it back, clinging bitterly to their religions and guns. They can only hurt themselves while trying to hurt us, because we are still in the light, it remains daytime for us. We maintain our thinking relatively rationally, we protect ourselves, we bind up our local laws to fend off their national ones. They will prevent themselves from having health care. They will cut the strands of their own social safety net. We will keep ours knit together as strong as we possibly can. We are planning and doing, moving forward, awake and alert. They are in their own ‘upside down’. We know they can scrape and claw and every other eight years they grab the hands of the big clock and try to pull it back, like Harold Lloyd dangling from modernity they make a spectacle of their inefficiency. Every time the veneer grows thinner. They used to cloak their pain in vapid speech of morals but now their leaders are clearly the worst, sinners all, criminals and rapists although some of them, I suppose, might be considered good people. Now their leaders are vulgar and trash. Now they follow the lowest to the bottom. We who are awake, even in the night, are aware of the comings and goings of these patterns. We fortify our homes. We automate our systems. We bunker down and set alarms. We stock up on tools of progress and keep moving forward. They are going to ‘win’ their hollow victories sometimes but the only way they can ever truly win is to abandon their useless faiths, embrace the useful ones and come into the light, move on in and wake on up, get to work, join the living in the world the know they want to be in.


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