Fragments from books that don’t exist: Church of the Blue Hat


Three strangers from different worlds, united only by a shared vision from a dream, a dream of a mysterious figure whose face no one has ever seen. Ongo’lo, a tribesman from the heart of the Congo, saw him as a shadow lying in wait in the brush, keeping still for hours before suddenly lunging into view. Monika, in jewelry sales in a Beverly Hills shop, dreamed of him standing on a corner, occasionally leaning out into the street, as if expecting to see something emerge from far away. Shinjo, a student in a mountaintop temple, has recurring visions of a figure sitting calmly in an airport lounge. The visage is waiting, but waiting for what, or for whom?

From the producers of all the TV shows you are currently watching comes the new show you will soon be watching also: Church of the Blue Hat.

The Christian Science Monitor says, “you loved all their other shows. You will love this one too.”

The New York Times proclaims, “Church of the Blue Hat has been added to the fall lineup”

And Johann Bundaberg agrees. “It’s bound to be good. It’s got Roger Cross in it.”


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