Fragments from books that don’t exist: Hot Nights at the Parking Lot Disco


On a gruesome Thursday morning, Myrna let the phone ring eleven times before swiping down to reject the call. She’d known instantly it was Herbert. Caller ID confirmed it. After last night, the last thing she wanted to hear was Herbert reminding her about the car payment again. It was always the same. Did you make the car payment? When did you make the car payment? How much did you put down for the car payment this month? It made her want to scream out loud. The worst of it was, she knew darn well it wasn’t his fault. He’d been unable to sustain or even form a new thought since the accident. His brain was on speed dial now, just as she herself was literally number one on his phone. Myrna’s friends blamed the cockatiel but Myrna was more forgiving of the creature.

“It’s just a stupid bird,” she ‘d defend it.

“The stupid bird put the car in reverse,” Ainsley would remind her, or Aubrey would, or Ondella or any one of them would. Talk about stuck in speed dial! Myrna made a mental note to make new friends. Oh, and also, change my god damn phone number while I’m at it!


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