Saturday’s Child or The Day They Told Me I Had Cancer


this cover was intended for another in my recent frivolous if not utterly obnoxious series of fragments from books that don’t exist. the image is a color-modified logo of Cafe Bustelo, coffee from the Dominican Republic, which I’ve been drinking for decades but which recently has also become a de facto “ethnic stamp of approval” for Netflix original content, showing up prominently in every new show featuring people of color, so much so that I’ve taken to instagramming every occasion i come across.

but i digress. Biswas Taliwak won’t be writing this one. I will, and it is going to be the name and cover of my “memoirs”. I never wanted to write any damn memoirs, but a couple of days ago i found out i have a stage four cancer and now i feel obligated to spill as much of my true life stories as i can regurgitate for my family. i won’t be publishing that stuff here on this blog, but the blog may not be long for this world either. i mean to say that of course one never knows but in a year or two or three there will be no more entries and no one would ever know why, but this is why.


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