Fragments from books that don’t exist: The Beauty of Drab


“Cry Wolf,” Wen Li calmly explained. “A not very good movie from quite some time ago. No idea what it’s even doing in the archives up there. I think maybe a certain someone had a weak spot for a certain female type, not sure if it’s Kristy Wu or Sandra McCoy, but I think I can guess.”

“And you are talking about what?” Kandhi demanded. “Do you have any idea how freaked out they are at CC right now?”

“I do,” Wen Li replied. “I have been on all the chat rooms.”

“And you are babbling about wolves?”

“One wolf, actually. Referred to in the film as “the wolf”.”

“Why are you talking about movies? What are you trying to say?”

“Sorry, boss,” Wen Li said. She was tired, and a little upset, and she knew how much Kandhi hated being called ‘boss’, but she couldn’t help herself.

“Here’s what it is. Somehow all eleven of those crew members are experiencing the same movie, a pretty terrible film called ‘Cry Wolf’, a sort of horror movie about some private school kids.”

“How are they watching movies?” Kandhi nearly shouted. “They are all still in their capsules, right? Please don’t tell me they are not all still in their capsules.”

“They are still in their capsules,” Wen Li reassured her, although she was not entirely certain of this. It was possible, though extremely unlikely, that the subjects were still hooked up to the sensors and yet not still in their capsules.


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