Fragments from books that don’t exist: The Day I Sold the World


Fourteen hours remained until the auction expired and still, no buyers. I had been waiting patiently, sitting by my laptop and chewing on my nails. The going price was all or nothing. I expected a last minute rush. I don’t know why. I had put the thing up for sale a week earlier and not even a single query came my way. Was it possible no one had noticed? I had also sent out a press release from I had blogged about it on my blog. I had told several other people in the office that I was putting up the world for sale.

“It’s not yours to sell,” Katrina told me, as if I didn’t know that.

“What’ll you do with all the money?” Victor asked. Victor was an idiot.

“I’ll go to Spain,” I told him. “I’ve always wanted to go to Spain.”

“If they let you,” Katrina said. “Maybe they won’t let you.”

“Maybe you could see everything except Spain,” Victor suggested.

“Victor is an idiot,” Shaya declared. “And so are you. You could go to Spain today if you really wanted to.”

“I don’t really want to go to Spain,” I muttered. “I was just being polite.”


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