Fragments from books that don’t exist: How to be a Cult Leader

Viveca Ornstein is another great example. She was born in the backwoods of rural Arkansas to a drunken mother and enabling brother. At the age of three she realized she was meant to lead. By seven she was already bossing around her several siblings, nieces and nephews, and at twelve she had already earned enough Victory green stamps to purchase a push lawnmower. These achievements only fueled her ambitions. She was destined for greatness, or if not greatness, at least not simply mere goodness. Her official biography states that on her twenty first birthday she changed her name to Rama bin Lama and began her decade-long training in the Himalayas with the famed burglar and international foodie, Kor-e-na-ghe-na-san. Like many others who had come before her, Viveca stumbled on her path. Ultimately it did not lead to glory but to an early death due to pneumonia contracted while cross-country skiing in Utah.


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