Fragments from books that don’t exist: Henrietta and the All-Beef Patties

Goran found peace of mind while waiting in line to make an appointment at his local energy company’s headquarters. He had ditched his cellphone along with his laptop, and even disabled his wifi connection. He was now officially off the information grid. The next thing to go would be the power. Goran calculated that he could live quite well without refrigeration and without lights, and the fireplace was good enough for the heating requirements in his moderate climate region. His only regret would be the electric toothbrush, of which he’d grown quite fond, but he was intending to invent a new one based on kinetic energy – a wind-up toothbrush if you will. It would be based on the same principle as his radio and flashlight. What else? He could think of nothing. I will be happy at last, he decided, whether I like it or not.


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