Fragments from books that don’t exist: Amy Loves SUV’s

Jean held the whip above his head with both hands while Jacqueline lay on the floor beneath him, wrapped in a thin white blanket and nervously counting on her toes. When she reached all ten she deftly rolled away just as Jean collapsed and fell head first onto the couch, a ten inch blade protruding from his back. The bulky white officer on the balcony above shouted for her to keep still, but Jacqueline was already on her feet and racing naked toward the time capsule. With a leap she fell through the quantum continuum and vanished into a trillion shiny blue-green pieces. The knife-throwing bandit on the street jumped back onto his motorbike and sped away while the bulky white officer wiped his brow and worried about how he was going to report all these shenanigans. They were all going to laugh at him again, he knew. His ridiculous case files were the never ending joy of precinct twenty six.


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