Fragments from books that don’t exist: Bespooked

“There are seven layers,” the professor was saying, but Aimee was not paying attention. She was engrossed in the comic book she had hidden inside the heavy text.Quantum mechanics was not so difficult in any case, and she could always ask her friend Maura to fill her in on the notes later. In the meantime, there was a titanic struggle taking place between the god-child Meep and the tyrant O’Lau’beh. On the one hand, Meep never lost, but at the moment the situation did not look promising.

“Well, Aimee?” the professor repeated. “We await your response with great anticipation.”

He was mocking her. Well, Aimee, indeed. She’d get her revenge someday, but right now all she could think of was, “here goes nothing“, so she said,

“Entanglements at a distance are the fundamental cause of those apparent rifts in space-time which can not be explained by any other formulation.”


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