Fragments from books that don’t exist: Old Snortleby

There could be no looking back. There could be no retreat. He had asked Thelma for assistance and here she was, assisting. He’d known that once she started talking, there would be no end to it. One topic would lead to another and in the end he would stop listening entirely and think only of how to escape. It was true she had answered his question, answered it promptly and correctly, but for Thelma that was just the beginning. It was not enough to click the button, one had to consider the buttons one did not click, one had to follow every link in order to fully comprehend which links were not to be followed under any circumstance. Thelma was thorough. She had explained the entire history of the website to him. She had taught him the difference between Apply and Save. She had informed him of both the left and the right click options. He sighed. She continued. There was no escape. The website had so many buttons.


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