Fragments from books that don’t exist: The Whatnot Chronicles


Bilj Bjurnjuurd was having a day. The outside was invisible, all white from the third floor attic window of his home in Skjervoy, Norway, seventy degrees latitude, twenty degrees longitude, and negative seven degrees Celsius. But this was normal for a January 4th. Inside was where the action was. From there Bilj saw a different world entirely through the brand new beta headset he’d recently received from Xi Xo Electronics. Connected via VPN to a proxy server skipping off the coast of Greenland, he was navigating an underwater drone through the power of his mind. He counted twelve, then fourteen, then at least another five narwhals circling in elaborate patterns that felt like they had to mean something. The whales were tumbling over and around and beneath and beside one another, never repeating the same circuit twice, and more were joining all the time. Where were they all coming from? Why were they all coming together? He had never heard of such a gathering. The drone was bobbing in the middle of the dance. The narwhals didn’t seem to notice it. Bilj turned to look up towards the surface of the water. Sprinkles of sunlight spattered through the splashing surface, and then, just for the briefest moment, he was sure that he saw, but no, he wasn’t certain but he thought that he saw, but no, it couldn’t be. Not that.


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