Fragments from books that don’t exist: The Family Dominatrix


Mom and dad used to fight a lot. All the time, really. He would say something – it could be anything – and she would immediately disagree. Every time. Like if he wanted to go out to dinner, she’d start in on “where’s the money coming from?” but like if she wanted to go out to dinner, he’d be like “okay” and she’d be like, “oh, so now you don’t want to because it’s MY idea, is that it?”. Dad could never win. But it wasn’t like mom could ever win either, because she always ended up talking herself out of whatever it was. If it was something he wanted, she didn’t want it but if it was something she started out wanting she ended up not wanting it because he didn’t care if she wanted it or not so obviously he didn’t care period so then it wasn’t worth it if it wasn’t going to piss him off. I think she always hated him. When he up and died she took it real personal, like he was doing it to her. After that she never left the house again. He would have wanted her to carry on her life like normal so that was the last thing she was going to do.


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