Fragments from books that don’t exist: This Fence Is


Instead of a cast, Lorraine got this new kind of thing called a “placeholder”. What you’d do is they take the body part off and they stick in storage for a time, and in the meanwhile you get the “placeholder”. Now, the “placeholder” doesn’t look like the body part in any way. I mean it’s always the same, a kind of rubbery hose-like thing, usually colored bright pink or lime green so you can see it in the dark real good. Your body part’s going to be just fine. It’s doing its healing all nice and tidy in a box, or at least a shrink-wrap, and you get to wag the “placeholder” around so everyone can see you got the new kind of thing. The only way you can qualify for the new kind of thing, or the “placeholder” if you will, is by lottery. You sign up to be a beta tester but even then it’s like a raffle and only the luckiest few get to get it. Some people might ask, why would I want them to take my body part off and stick it in storage and in the meanwhile get stuck with this hideous snake-like appendage and the answer is real simple. It’s brand new. It’s the new kind of thing. Who doesn’t want the latest and the greatest if they can?


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