Fragments from books that don’t exist: Return to Wherever


During the Seventh Iteration Melissa fell asleep and was left behind by the others. When she woke up the field was deserted and the sky was blue. She didn’t understand how they could simply leave her like that. What about the Buddy System? What about the Big Deal? She spent a few minutes blaming other people, but eventually realized that she was still on her own no matter how hard she clenched her teeth, so she got up off the ground and started to walk. Of course she had no idea which way to go. They could have gone in any direction. The next destination had probably been announced during the Ninth or Tenth Iteration. It wasn’t like she could turn on a radio broadcast and find out. Most likely she was outcast now and forever, unless she just happened to choose the right path. Well, she thought, I guess when you hand your life over to other people, sooner or later it all comes back to you, whether you want it or not.


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