Fragments from books that don’t exist: User_0000000


“Imagine this,” Rohl said. “You are in your kitchen, standing at the sink and looking out the window at the house across the way. There in that other window is someone standing in their kitchen, at their sink. It seems to be exactly the same kitchen, the same kind of sink, the same tile countertop. You look more closely and you can just make out the cabinets behind the person, and you check behind yourself and they’re the same type of cabinets. All of a sudden you have this urge to wave so you wave and you really and truly expect that other person is going to wave back but they’re not looking up and they don’t even see you. They have no idea you’re there. It’s no quantum entanglement. It’s no cosmic mystery. It’s no excitement after all. So you go back to doing the dishes, and you don’t even notice now the other person is looking up, and they see you and the cabinets behind you and then they wave too and you’re the one not waving back, and the both of you missed it. Just a temporal displacement. This crazy random dance of life doesn’t operate on a schedule.”


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