Fragments from books that don’t exist: Two Bags and a Box


“We were going to name him Wyatt, but she said no, too much cowboy,” Joe admitted

“So you named him Hank?” Cheri laughed. “Like that’s not too much too?”

“His real name is Henry,” Joe pushed back. He was a little sensitive about the matter.

“So when did you start calling him Hank?” Cheri wanted to know.

“About two minutes after he was born,” Mariah butted in. “He was just too cute for Henry. Had to be Hank.”

“And you’re the one who ruled out Wyatt?” Cheri asked. “What else did you say no to? John Wayne? Billy the Kid? Marshall Dillon?”

“Ooh, I like that,” Mariah said, patting her tummy. “Maybe we’ll name this one Marshall.”

Joe sighed. They already knew it was going to be a girl.



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