Fragments from books that don’t exist: Jimmy and the Fat Girl Got Married


They barely made it around the corner before the gunmen leaped out of the car shouting “I see ’em, I see ’em.” Rick grabbed Nicole by the elbow and pulled her deeper into the alley, gesturing frantically for her to keep her mouth shut for once. Nicole for once did exactly that. She could hardly breathe. Rick pushed against a door with his shoulder and it gave way, the two of them nearly tumbling down the stairway just behind it. Rick quickly closed the door as quietly as he could and gestured they should head down the steps. They had no idea where they were, or where they were going, only that they had no choice. The men outside were going to kill them if they got the chance. No time for talk. No time for anything but run. Down the cold dark stairs they went, and then straight into a very old, brick-lined passageway. There were no lights along its walls. They’d gone only a few yards when they were plunged into darkness. Rick felt his way, still pulling Nicole along behind him. Up ahead he thought he heard voices. Suddenly Nicole gasped.


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