Fragments from books that don’t exist: The Man Who Didn’t Know


It was cold that day, according to anonymous sources. I was too shit-faced to tell you the truth. I did wake up in a snowbank. My first thought was about corn flakes. I had seen this commercial, you see, and that brought me back to my childhood, when things were a hell of a lot simpler, especially choices because you hardly had any. Breakfast was corn flakes or nothing pretty much. And my head was killing me. There was the snow, and the hangover, and the bruise where Bernie had socked me pretty good. And the city, god the city was ugly. Trash all over the place, and the streets all slushy and ice. I tried to get up a couple of times, slipped back down, landed hard on my ass. Sat there a while.Finally I worked up enough of a spirit to get to my feet. I thought for a minute about where I should go. Then I noticed the bar was still open, so I went right back in.


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