Fragments from books that don’t exist: Zaddux the Uninformed


The hardest part was following the rules. Julie kept changing them, and with Karen interrupting every five seconds it was hard to keep everything straight.

“You’ll want to lay off juice for eleven days,” Julie said.

“Including organic?” Karen asked.

“Except organic. Refined sugars, no.”


“I wouldn’t,” Julie said.

“And this is good for?”

“Balance. And nutrition. And shedding those extra pounds.”

“And after eleven days, then all the juice you want?”

“I’d go another five days,” Julie said.

“So that’s sixteen days, no juice, except organic, but not prune.”

“Eleven days,” Julie reiterated, “and then I’d go another five more.”

“So that’s sixteen,” Karen mumbled but I had already lost count.

“Eleven, and that’s just juices,” Julie said, and then she moved on to grains. I already knew this diet was doomed.


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