Fragments from books that don’t exist: The Filling Station


“In the first place,” Catalina insisted, “there was nothing wrong with the original parts. There was no need to throw them away.”

“We had our orders,” Reginald replied. “And they did not meet the specifications.”

“Nevertheless,” she insisted, “You could have simply returned them for a full refund. We promise satisfaction guaranteed.”

“That’s enough!” From the doorway came the imperious voice of the mysterious General Bruhn. Catalina shrank back as the hulking figure approached.

“The specifications were quite clear,” the General pronounced, drawing ever closer, and pounding the concrete cellar floor with his golden cane at every step. “We will have what we want. Produce the parts now!”

“Yes, sir,” Catalina said, reaching for the boxes on table. “We have a twelve piece hot wings here, and the twenty piece spicy wings too.”


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