On What’s Next

I decided to wrap up the Fragments series – after 99 of those I could tell that the writing – already quite uneven – was disintegrating quickly. I’ll still do covers but post them on a tumblr instead (nonbooks.tumblr.com), so it’s a wrap both here and on Wattpad, with a final “thank you very much” to my 3 or 4 readers on each of those platforms! I liked all your likes very much.

Part of me wants to revisit the ideas in my series of stories called The Outlier, but re-do it completely, less comic-book-y and with a decent villain and something at stake. I love what I was going for there but I know I failed at it, and it’s been bugging me ever since! It featured a wealthy and stylish “big data dilettante detective”, a cross between Sherlock Holmes, Malcolm Gladwell, Errol Flynn, Doctor Who and Doc Savage, who solved absolute nonsense mysteries with the help of his trusty and likewise oddly skilled assistant(s). I just couldn’t pull off the pulp fiction voice I was going for, and didn’t have juicy enough mysteries after the first one, ‘beepers’.

Maybe I’ll get back to it. Maybe I’ll have a take that resonates. Maybe I won’t. Maybe what it really needs is a Moriarty. Maybe that’s the next book

There are multiple facts at work in my life these days – one being that I’ve written quite a bit of fiction over the years and I hate repeating myself (though I’ve done that often enough), another is the feeling that I’ve already written the best book I can write (How My Brain Ended Up Inside This Box) and the third is that treatment for metastatic melanoma has left me largely drained of physical and mental energy on most days. I’ve only a few months of treatment to go, and it is actually working (“beating the cancer” as they say), so the hope is by the fall I’ll be back in decent health again. If so, that’s what’s next. Living.


3 thoughts on “On What’s Next

  1. Hi Tom, if you’re like me, the right path for the work will open up when you least expect it and without thinking about it, and at the least convenient moment. As for the other thing, glad to hear it and best wishes – hoping things continue moving in a positive direction.


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