Bibliography and Reader’s Guide




Chronology of my fiction available (for free), mostly from Smashwords

1982 – 2014 Cashier World – Short Stories

1983 Phantom of the Mall – completely rewritten in 2011

1984 Fixture (edited by Benhamish Allen)

1984 The Part Time People (edited by Benhamish Allen)

1984 Fissure Monroe (originally intended as a live performance piece)

1985 Rampant Pheromonix

1996 Dawn Debris In the Land of Many Things (based on a character from Fissure Monroe)

1998 Somebody Somewhere

1999/2006 Time Zone

2006 Macedonia  (a sort of tribute to Macedonio Fernandez)

2006 Golden  (a screenplay version of Time Zone)

2007 Squatter with a Lexus

2007 Secret Sidewalk  (borrows certain characters from Squatter with a Lexus)

2007 Hidden Highway  (borrows certain characters from Secret Sidewalk)

2008 Orange Car with Stripes

2008 Missy Tonight  (a standalone sequel to Orange Car with Stripes)

2009 Snapdragon Alley  (the first book of the Dragon City series)

2009 Tiddywink the Mouse  (a read-aloud book for young children)

2009 Freak City  (the second book of the Dragon City series, originally intended as a sort of alternate version rather than a sequel)

2009 World Weary Avengers

2009 Bobby and the Bedouins

2010 Ledman Pickup  (continues with characters from World Weary Avengers but not a sequel)

2010 Zombie Nights

2010 Death Ray Butterfly  (borrows certain characters from Zombie Nights)

2010 Raisinheart (borrows certain characters from Zombie Nights and Death Ray Butterfly)

2010 Renegade Robot

2010 Unwritten Rules of Impossible Things  (borrows characters from Secret Sidewalk)

2011 Jimmyland  (a screenplay based on Phantom of the Mall)

2011 Rainbow Country

2011 Sexy Teenage Vampires (three short stories of underground youth)

2011 Dragon Town  (the third book in the Dragon City series)

2011 Entropic Quest (with John Lichtenberg. Epic Fail Book 1)

2011 In Constant Contact  (continues with characters from World Weary Avengers but not a sequel)

2009-2014 The Mortal Hole  (short stories)

2012 The New Guy in Moon Base Twelve

2012 Humanoid Central

2012 Happy Slumbers  (the fourth and final chapter of the Dragon City series)

2012 The Von Barkingham Method of Time Travel

2012 The Girl in the Trees

2013 The Lemon Thief’s Ex-Wife’s Third Cousin

2013 Prisoners of Perfection (with John Lichtenberg. Epic Fail Book 2)

2013 The Ghost on the Wall  (featuring Jimmy Kruzel of Raisinheart and Death Ray Butterfly)

2013 The End of the Line (with John Lichtenberg. Epic Fail Book 3)

2014 Wish World (featuring Marcus and Ben from Squatter and Sidewalk)

2014 The Outlier (Beepers, Migrants, Lost Souls, Zappers)

2014 Close to Nowhere

2015 How My Brain Ended Up Inside This Box

2016-2017 Fragments from Books That Don’t Exist (available on Wattpad)

2017 This and That

2018 The I.B.U.

11 thoughts on “Bibliography and Reader’s Guide

  1. My favorite is still Entropic Quest. I love that story. It’s one of those stories that the ideas and characters linger… Thanks for providing this list Tom. I was trying to figure out which came first… Now I can start working through it.


  2. Hi Tom,
    I am chomping at the bit to start on your stories. I just want to verify this is not just the order in which they were written, but the order in which they should be read as well. I do not know which of these are related, or which are part of a series (other than perhaps Snapdragon Alley and Dragon Town). That sort of ordering might be very helpful to new readers in addition to the chronology.

    Thanks Tom!


  3. Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and
    let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same


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