If you take something out, and it doesn’t hurt, it wasn’t needed in the first place.

(I guess the same could apply to friends and colleagues as well. If someone goes away and you don’t miss them …)


With Apologies

Once again, blogiarizing myself, this time in response to Mr Angry’s good post on the new ritual of celebrity apologies

it’s part of the “how can i take you back if you won’t ever go away” cycle. they have to fuck up, apologize and disappear, before they can stage a surprising comeback – and if they can’t get it together to do the comeback, then they can’t get the TV movie based on their life story, or the book rights, or make the rounds of the talk shows again. we all love the comeback kid.

just this morning Pacman Jones took out a full page ad to apologize for the dozen or so insanely stupid things he’s done over the past two years. We already know about his comeback in advance (he’s been suspended for next season, so the comeback stories are scheduled to air in the fall of 2008)

in the old days you had to get crucified before you could be resurrected. now you just have to say something stupid!


* Ma main se sent touchée aussi bien qu’elle touche ; réel veut dire cela, et rien de plus, Paul Valéry

“My hand feels touched as well as it touches; reality says this, and nothing more”