this year in unfortunate baby names

Saliva Jones?


here kitty kitty

the man who named his son ‘Pioneer’ was out looking for his cat this morning, calling out gently, ‘Robert, Robert’ …

namely reminder

do not name your kid Wayne. Seriously, people.

An inmate escaped from a work-release crew after he created a distraction with an overflowing toilet, authorities said. Wayne Mitchell, 24, was in the Clark County Jail for a probation-violation warrant, but had been working with a crew clearing roadside trash.


The CEO of a startup has been accused of fraud – but check this out: Mr. X [ The Accused ] the head of VaporTech Inc., is accused of lying to investors and employees about loans he purportedly had made to his company, which is developing products including a “dirt eater” that can clean toxic soil and a device that uses steam to obtain oil from wells.

The Corporate Name-Disapprover would have clucked and shook his head at this one!

Corporate Name Disapproval

It’s just too easy, especially around Silicon Valley. This one I just heard about yesterday – “Exemplary”. Did they just open a dictionary at random? You’d think that naming your company would have some importance! Apparently that company is now out of business. Even “business failure” needs a role model. Exemplary, indeed.

Name Disapproval Update

The Name Disapprover was left speechless on meeting a little boy named ‘Pioneer’. What can you say? Perhaps it’s not so bad, the Name Disapprover thinks. Maybe the boy’s last name is even worse, something like Fairybottom, in which case ‘Pioneer’ seems mild. In any case, he shrugs, when he grows up he can always change it to Peter or Paul.