Pet Peeve #1

When things that should be easy are not.

… like, trying to write a note in notepad and seeing (Not Responding) instead …

I notice that this kind of thing is the cause of more frustration (and in my case, rather quickly converted to rage), and yet, I wonder why.

Over the weekend, my wife and son dug out a portrait someone had drawn of them a few years ago. It was a fairly decent likeness, so I knew it couldn’t have been done by me (since I cannot draw), and yet, it was. I had drawn it a few years ago during one of those periods when I decided I had to try to learn to draw. It does not come easily to me. It was a lot of work. And yet, it wasn’t too bad.

Why should it be easy?

Why should I expect things to be easy?

Just because there are a number of things that do come easily to me, and those are the things I tend to do, because (maybe like most people) I’d rather avoid things that are hard if I can do things that are easy.

But it’s not unreasonable to expect that anything, if done well, should require some degree of effort.

It’s just my laziness.

And when something does not come easily, I get easily frustrated, instead of thinking, why should it be easy, after all? Maybe I should just stop whining and try a little harder. Maybe I should change my expectations.

On the other hand, you’d think that a certain giant software company could make SOMETHING that works, even if it’s only notepad :}


pet peeve of the year

I’ve been working towards a general theory of pet-peeve-osity … This is one that I’ve been having trouble formulating: people who take on something challenging, and then do everything they can to cheat in it.

For example: mountain biking. This should be difficult and challenging, but people wear special clothes, buy special bikes, wear special helmets, all to maximize their proficiency – in other words, minimize the challenge and difficulty.

Golfers who buy the best clubs, etc …

I’m talking amateurs. I don’t care about professionals who cheat (steroids, etc …) because it’s their livelihood, and businessmen cheat for a living anyway (are you listening, Citigroup?)

But amateurs. Come on, people. What’s with the tricked-out bowling socks? What’s with the four hundred dollar walking shoes?

no slogan needed

even the freaking church around here has a slogan – where strangers
become friends. stop with the slogans already! if anybody doesn’t need a slogan, it’s a church, but it seems that nowadays, you have to have a slogan and/or a ‘mission statement’. gawd

Mix Up

I realized the nature of one of my friendships – we’re “pet peeve pals”

A List of Things I’ve Had Enough Of:
1. Color Commentary
2. Sound Bites
3. Die Hard Hillary Supporters
4. Lists of Things on (“10 Sexiest Cod Pieces from Sci-Fi Flicks”)
5. Team Handball (WTF?)

pet peeve of the day

“peak driving season”, as in, gas prices will fall (slightly) after the peak driving season. come on, this is America. it’s always peak driving season. it goes along with the “supply and demand” parrot-like chirping we hear about everything (supply and demand, awk! supply and demand).

or they tell us, “more people are driving this summer”, or “more people are flying this summer”. who really keeps track? i think they’re lying about it, just spewing out the camouflage. in reality, no one knows what’s going on, which makes it easier for the robbers.

“speculators”, they say,, are driving up the price of oil. that would be the “speculators” who happen to have five billion dollars sitting around. it’s eExon, people, and the others. they’re ripping us off and getting away with it, because the parrots keep squawking and we’re used to believing nothing but lies.

on a completely unrelated note, there’s a guy in our neighborhood who’s addicted to collecting firewood. he now has a quarter-acre filled six feet high with the stuff. i guess to have to have a hobby, but such a flammable one?

against project names

in all the high tech companies i’ve worked for, there’s been an irresistible attraction to cutesy project names. it’s almost an unwritten law of software development. i blame it all on Tolkein, of course, “the need for lore”. but it really is anti-productive. i recently went on vacation and missed three days of work. in my absence, two new project code names were pulled out of someone’s, er, hat, and i have to scramble to figure out what the hell they’re talking about. i’m all in favor of numbers. project SELF_EVIDENT_NAME DOT NEXT_VERSION ought to be good enough, such as


instead of Gumdrop, Absinthe, and Hickory

how could anyone possibly know that Hickory is just EMAIL.2.1 ???

(note: these cutesy project code names were invented for this blog post, but are hardly atypical)