See this excellent blog post about the book publishing industry and its cover art decision-making process. No number of white people on the cover of a book is too many, but too many people of color … Oh no, we can’t have that! We already had a picture of an Indian woman on a cover this year!!



Left unsaid in Obama’s Philadelphia speech, and rarely mentioned if ever in our country, is that slavery and its aftermath were a Holocaust for African-Americans. When you use that word, you can begin to re-frame the matter and begin to understand why a church would want to “never forget” and can refer to “the black community” and “black values” and not be “racist” or “separatist”, but post-traumatic. America doesn’t tell Jews to “get over it” and for good reason. The effects of such a calamity on a people remain and remain deep for generations.

you’re only president because you’re black!

Some of the comments i’ve read lately about Obama and Clinton and ‘the race card’ and South Carolina are really mind-boggling. My favorites are from people who claim to be “just like MLK” but say that obama played the race card first, and he did this by having the support of Oprah Winfrey. I suppose if Regis Philbin came out for Hillary it would be because she’s white? Someone endorsing you is *not* “playing the race card”, people.

Now it’s “he only won the primary because he’s black”. Next it will be “he’s only president because he’s black”. I hope.


Everyone’s familiar with DWB – ‘driving while Black’ – but now there’s ‘RWB’, or ‘Running for President while Black’. There really are right-wing commentators out there saying that people are only voting for Obama “because he’s Black”! A curious twist on an old dilemna. Then there are people who are only voting for Hillary because she’s a woman. As a fifty-year old American, all I can say is, man, never saw this kind of thing coming when I was a kid!

Still, I’m frustrated that Senator Clinton is getting away with the claim that she represents “experience” as opposed to Senator Obama. It’s simply not true. They have to take that away from her.

actions speaking louder than words

Clinton also said Obama and Edwards have acted like hypocrites during the race and appeared to diminish the role Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. played in the civil rights movements, saying it wasn’t hope that King inspired that made the difference but President Lyndon Johnson’s decision to fight for and sign the Civil Rights Act into law.”

I’ll think of this next time we celebrate LBJ Day and listen to his famous “I have a pen” speech!