Recommended: The Committee to Abolish Outer Space

One of the most interesting (and well-written) essays I’ve come across in a long time – from The New Inquiry, comparing the concept of future Mars colonization with the historical one of the Americas.


Universal Boom and Bust

A reasonable theory that the universe itself is merely the latest universe in a cyclical series of universal booms and busts, and why not? Why should anything be immune to the life-death-life cycle which underlines all existences we have experience of, from galaxies to solar systems to planets to the creatures on them?

Change over time is one general law
Life-death-life is another

(economic cycles as well, the bubbles that blow up and burst around us all the time, follow the same pattern)

change over time

Everything we see in this world experiences change over time. This equation defines life on our planet. Evolution is also change over time, where the values of both change and time are very large. For some people, this simple formula is hard to understand

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depression as healing

the theory described here seems to suggest that depression is a manifestation of brain-rewiring after stressful or traumatic events, a symptom of recovery and healing. makes me wonder if any number of so-called ailments are really healings gone awry – one theory of chronic fatigue syndrome, for example, blamed it on an immune system overcompensating against a retrovirus. the immune system is attempting to heal and causing more problems than it is solving. this fits in nicely with my theory that “the leading cause of problems is solutions”