Popcorn Maker Video – To Stay in Christchurch

I’ve been working with Mozilla‘s new Popcorn Video project to create a videomix, including a music video I shot of Darren Tatom performing his song ‘Stay’ at the Gap Filler Pallet Pavilion on Durham Street in Christchurch, along with some photos and accompanying text of the city at the time of the concert. You can make your own popcorn video by playing with it here¬†

To watch To Stay in Christchurch¬†(the embed code doesn’t seem to work, at least not in wordpress)


The Tedious Time Traveler

It is certainly possible that I will someday finally write the story of the Tedious Time Traveler

i’m toying with a story notion about time travel becoming so cheap and common that every cretin with a tramp stamp is doing it, filling up history with white trash like it’s a freaking landfill (featuring Cedric Von Barkingham)

Setif V Scene One

hi def …

                                                                           low def …

it’s a very rough first draft (very rough indeed !)

Also plan to scroll in the text (and in a different color) rather than its current placement.

Still it’s amazing how much you have to learn in order to do the smallest thing. Unlike writing, where you just put words down in order :}

setif scene one part two

use node editor to composite the 3d view with a background image. scene one has the same but without the text. concatenate those in the video sequence editor. next to have the capsule descending. then a final text-over, and that is scene one

rendered in VGA 640×480 – made a huge difference in rendering performance. also using procedural texture on the sphere rather than a complex image texture