Recommended: The Third Person by Stephanie Newell

The Third Person (a free ebook from the (very interesting) Philistine Press, available also from Smashwords and Feedbooks) is the story of a very unpleasant 14-year-old girl who despises her mother, is terribly jealous of her little sister and perpetually longs for the father who abandoned them, this novel is surprisingly engaging, mainly because of the way the author so well captures this person and her point of view, clearly illustrating the partiality through which we all view our little worlds. At every step we know that what she’s seeing is not the whole picture, that her prejudices are masking the reality she’s moving through, the one she doesn’t want to see or admit to. You feel for her, and somehow even root for her too, even when she’s being very bad. Written in diary format, I gott such a strong sense of the narrator and see the other characters through her distorted lens that I couldn’t help but want to see the same story from the point of view of the others, especially her sister’s. Rather than a weakness of the first-person point of view, however, this was a great strength in the novel.

Here’s an interesting interview with the author:


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