Lost in Spaces

I was sitting here sipping from a bottle of Honest T (“Just” Green Tea ™) when I noticed some writing on the inside of the bottle cap. Turned out to be a 6-word memoir: “Oldest couple on the dance floor”. You can submit your six word memoirs to honesttea.com/sixwords, where your six word memoir will have the absolute remotest chance possible of ever being read by anyone.

Or, you can self-publish your fiction.

Same odds, really.

I was recently revising a set of Python scripts I’d written to scrape the various websites where I’ve self-published over the years and was reminded of one amusing incident – it turns out that slightly more than one-half of every dollar I’ve ever earned ( from my free e-books) happened when Amazon decided to pay royalties on free downloads. They paid me for more than 6,000 copies they gave away of “Snapdragon Alley”. It seems to have been an ill-advised policy which they quickly discontinued (this was in 2010). I remember thinking, wow, this free giveaway stuff sure pays off!

Now I wonder how much Honest T would pay for my six word memoir:

“being a zombie, not so easy”

(turns out the page is no longer active! –

(which is only five words)


One thought on “Lost in Spaces

  1. My wife and I (this is years ago now) went to her grandmother’s care facility (you can’t say old folks’ home any more) for a Christmas party, and they had booked a 50s cover band. The poor dude was drowning out there, so we got up and danced half the night away. It wasn’t so much a case of oldest couple on the dance floor, as opposed to ONLY.


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